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About the Archaeology Herald

When the story of the early days of 21st-century archaeology is told, it will be the story of emerging technologies.

Photogrammetry, GPR, LiDAR, and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) now are piquing the interest of archaeologists, researchers, anthropologists, and historians alike. It’s more important than ever to incorporate this high level of technology into research and teaching operations. Oddly enough, the resource lacking by many of today’s archaeologists is time.

At Archaeology Herald it is our ongoing goal to feature the research, books, technologies, and people that matter to archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, authors, professors, researchers, students, and curators from around the world.

Status quo, uninspired archaeology has, for the most part, been left in our wake. While tried-and-true processes are comfortable and create stability, especially on a dig site, they also need to be modernized to meet the long-term challenges that lie ahead. This modernization is achieved by the adoption of new technology; practices; and open minds, and a commitment by all parties to publish the best research possible.

We have chosen for our logo the image of the Owl, a prominent animal amongst many ancient cultures (see: Newberry, Percy E. 1951. “The Owls of Ancient Egypt,” The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. Volume 37.) Folklore, too, is chock-a-block full with references to owls, with Norse and Greek taking prominent places.

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