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Help keep our lists current

At AH we hope to keep current with our famous lists. You can help by suggesting a change to our Journal List; Groups, Trusts, Charities List, and Recommended Reading List.

Journal List: Please suggest an addition/deletion to this ongoing work by emailing [email protected]. Navigating the peer-review submission process can be a daunting task, especially for the first time. But, scientific journals are the lifeblood of the academic community and also form the basis for the best from the lay community. In short: They matter.

5 tips for finishing your paper:

  1. Abstract. Explain your years’ of work in fine detail, but succinctly. Good luck.
  2. Results. Describe your findings. Now re-live the joy (and pain).
  3. Methodology. Divulge your secrets. The LiDAR drone did all of the work.
  4. Talk it out. Reading your paper aloud can identify weak areas or confusing wordiness.
  5. Images, tables, and charts. Oh my. When you use them, they’d better be better than words.

Charity, Trust, Foundation, Group List: Does your community work toward a common goal of defining/protecting our heritage? If so, help us keep up to date on the latest news from your group.

Recommended Reading List: This section lists a few of the written works that schools use to introduce students to the field as well as the texts required for advanced students. Some of them are fact-heavy, core reading and others are easy reading.

Of course, students and faculty have access to (typically) multiple on-campus libraries as well as access to thousands and thousands of e-books).


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