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The List: Recommended reading

Recommended reading lists are ubiquitous at university. They help students develop a shared, deep, ingrained knowledge that serves as the base for research.

In an academic setting, it is critical that students do not ignore their reading lists because they provide much-needed support during the writing process.

For researchers, authors, academia, and those working at a site, these books can act as guideposts, keeping them up to date on the current trends of their field. Listed here are the recommended undergrad, post-grad, and continuing education from various learning institutions.

These are lists recommended for prospective and current students and the required reading of individual institutions for study, including Ph.D. work.

It is a work in progress. For additions, deletions, and edits, please email [email protected].

University of Cambridge (Cambridge, U.K.)

Barnett, Ross, The Missing Lynx: The Past and Future of Britain’s Lost Mammals (2019)
Broodbank, C., The Making of the Middle Sea (2013)
Diamond, J., Guns, Germs, and Steel: A Short History of Everybody for the Last 13,000 Years (1998)
Diamond, J., Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive (2011)
Fauvelle, F.X., The Golden Rhinoceros: Histories of the African Middle Ages (2018)
Gamble, C., Timewalkers: The Prehistory of Human Colonisation (1993)
Graeber, D. & Sahlins, M., On Kings (2017)
Jones, M., Feast: Why Humans Share Food (2008)
Parker Pearson, M., Stonehenge (2013)
Pascoe, B., Dark Emu (2018)
Pauketat, T., Cahokia (2010)
Rathje, WL. & Murphy, C., Rubbish! The Archaeology of Garbage (2001)
Renfrew, C., Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind (2009)
Renfrew, C. & Bahn, P., Archaeology: Theory, Methods and Practice, 6th edition (2012)
Rutherford, A., A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes (2016)
Scarre, C. ed., The Human Past: World Prehistory and Development of Human Society, 2nd edition (2009)
Smith, S. T., Wretched Kush (2003)
Wynn, T. & Coolidge, F., How to think like a Neanderthal (2013)
Yoffee, N. ed., The Evolution of Fragility: Setting the Terms (2019)

University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, U.S.)

Barringer, J., The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece (2015)
Elsner, J., The Art of the Roman Empire: 100-450 AD (2018, 2nd edition)
Hölscher, T., The Language of Images in Roman Art (2004)
Kleiner, F., The History of Roman Art (2010, enhanced edition)
Neer, R., Greek Art & Archaeology (2018)
Pedley, J. G., Greek Art and Archaeology (2007)
Ramage, N., and A. Ramage, Roman Art (2014, 6th edition)
Stansbury-O’Donnell, M., A History of Greek Art (2015)
Stewart, P., The Social History of Roman Art (2008)
Whitley, J., The Archaeology of Ancient Greece (2001)
Zanker, P., Roman Art (2008)

University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Díaz-Andreu García, M., Lucy, S., Babić, S. and Edwards, D. N. (eds.), The Archaeology of Identity: Approaches to Gender, Age, Status, Ethnicity and Religion (2005)
Carver, M., Archaeological Investigation (2009)
Johnson, M., Archaeological Theory: An Introduction. 3rd Edition (2019)
Lucas, G., The Archaeology of Time (2005)
Morley, N., Writing Ancient History (1999)
Morley, N., Classics: Why it Matters (2018)

University of Nottingham (Nottingham, U.K.)

Balme, M., Lawall, G. and Morwood, J. (eds.), Athenaze, Book 1: An Introduction to Ancient Greek, Revised 3rd edition (2014)
Dickey, E., Learn Latin from the Romans (2018)
Greene, K. & Moore, T., Archaeology: An Introduction, 5th edition (2010)
Henderson, J. and Beard, M., Classics: A Very Short Introduction (2000)
Hunter, J. & Ralston, I., The Archaeology of Britain. An introduction from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Industrial Revolution, 2011 edition (2011)
Morales, H., Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction (2007)
Renfrew, C. & Bahn, P., Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice, 7th edition (2016)

Oxford University (Oxford, U.K.)

Barley, N., The Innocent Anthropologist (1983)
Barley, N., A Plague of Caterpillars (1986)
Diamond, J., Guns, Germs and Steel (1997)
Diamond, J., Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive (2005)
Fox, K., Watching the English (2005)
Gamble, C., Timewalkers: The Prehistory of Global Colonization (2003)
Gosden, C., Archaeology & Anthropology (1999)
Hendry, J., An Anthropologist in Japan (1999)
Keesing, R. & Strathern, M., Cultural Anthropology (1998)
Lewis-Williams, J.D., The Mind in the Cave (2003)
Mithen, S., The Prehistory of the Mind (1996)
Renfrew, C. & Bahn. P., Archaeology (2004)
Scarre, C. (ed.), The Human Past (2005)
Stringer, C., Homo Brittanicus (2005)
Stringer, C. & Gamble, C., In Search of the Neanderthals (1993)

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