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Kaarta Cloud processes, stores, shares 3D spaces

Kaarta, Pittsburgh, Pa., has developed Kaarta Cloud, a new way to process, store, and share 3D spaces to provide a fast, flexible workflow from field capture to finished data.

Kaarta Cloud offloads the heavy lifting of the crucial processing of large 3D datasets. It offers the horsepower of a high-performance parallel-processed network to tackle the load of processing large reality capture files.

Under the hood is Kaarta Engine, featuring 3D mapping and localization algorithms, which provide accurate and robust maps. It combines the Engine’s advanced approach to simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) with cloud-based processing.

Designed to increase utilzation rate

This system allows users to increase the utilization rate of their Kaarta system by freeing up the device to perform additional scanning, the company reports. Workflows are defined through a chain of tasks and executed with a one-button click, and multiple jobs can run concurrently for ultimate efficiency.

It works with all of the company’s systems, including Contour, Stencil 2-16 and 2-32, and the new Stencil Pro. The uploaded files are automatically recognized and point cloud data can be optimized with an array of functions including filtering, loop closure, alignment to GNSS trajectory, colorization, and conversion.

It also processes data collected with lidar sensors. While lidar generates massive amounts of raw points of data, all of that data is ephemeral and relative to the sensor itself. Since lidar is only line of sight, there are limited views of an environment or project. This system processes raw lidar data into a registered point cloud map, providing a persistent framework to the data which can be viewed, measured, and further processed in one multi-vantage environment.

It also provides high-capacity storage and retrieval of all of the data. Its comprehensive workflow is designed to optimize operations, extract the maximum value from scans, and facilitate data sharing and collaboration through its secure cloud storage platform.

Kaarta | www.kaarta.com

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