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SciAps Z-903 hand-held LIBS analyzer

SciAps, Woburn, Mass., has introduced the Z-903 portable, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer that is capable of measuring every element in the periodic table of elements.

It uses the same laser as the company’s other Z-900 models, has an extended spectrometer range: from 190 nm to 950 nm. Profile Builder software for PC adds benchtop functionality.

SciAps Z-903 LIBS analyzer

Weighing 4.93 lbs., including the battery, this analyzer can be used anywhere in the world for instant elemental analysis. The laser delivers 5-6 mJ/pulse on the sample, with a 50 Hz repetition rate. Laser raster to rapid-sample multiple locations in one test. Analysis averaging is available for multi-shot averaging and data rejection. Using the sample alignment micro-camera and LED Spotlight, you can focus on just where you want.

The system also has a small aperture for small-piece analysis and on-board argon-purge to aid with precision and superior LODs.

The laser strike pattern, cleaning shots, and spectrometer settings are all controlled by the user.

The analyzer includes software for modifying all of the settings, comparing spectral data, and for generating quantitative calibration curves. You can choose your own lines, build curves and methods, and customize the amount of spectral pre-processing.

Android OS and intuitive app-driven software are used and it has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with GPS capability. Users can print, email, and connect to any information management system for efficient, real-time test data and reporting, the company states.

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